Spring 2011

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In this Issue

  • In the News
  • Farming Talk: Exmoor’s Livestock Heritage by Michelle Werrett
  • Profile: Tim Prosser by Elaine Pearce
  • Deep Lanes Discovered by Jane Mares
  • Your Local Force: A Beat off the Beaten Track – Miriam Brown looks at policing on Exmoor
  • Books: News & Reviews
  • Eating Out: The Black Venus Inn, Challacombe by Adrian Tierney-Jones
  • Exmoor Community Youth Club – Sandy Francis braves the rain and heads for Exford
  • Country Matters: Hare Today by Trevor Beer
  • Photographer’s Exmoor: Up close and personal with Andy Stuthridge’s wildflowers
  • An Exmoor Wedding: Heather Holt
  • Well Being: South Molton’s Personal Best by Elaine Pearce
  • Taste of Exmoor: Champions of Cheese by Simon Dawson with photographs by Andy Hobbs
  • Cheesy Recipes: Bob Deville
  • Active Exmoor: A Whirlpool Romance with Canoeing by Malcolm Rigby
  • Arts: The Quantock & Exmoor Paintings of Clare DuVergier by Naomi Cudmore
  • Property by James Green
  • Interiors: The Landmark Trust’s Anderton House
  • Walking: Bishop’s Nympton and Mariansleigh by Sue Viccars
  • Endymion Beer’s Family Page With Uncle Willow
  • Gardens: North Devon Hospice by Rosemary Lauder
  • Em’s Garden Notes: Planting for Pollination
  • In the Stableyard: The Exmoor Firebirds & Golden Horseshoe by Cindy Cowling
  • My Favourite Horse: Sophy McIntosh and Toffee
  • Crossword by Aileen Carrett
  • Exmoor Diary
  • Final Paws: Tortie Eveleigh visits Brian Imeson and his guidedogs Enton and Yorkie

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