Dear readers,

Welcome to the summer issue of the magazine! To sum it up: PHEW! It will come as no surprise to you to learn that it was touch and go. As the coronavirus crisis deepened during the final month of our production cycle, our plans and problems changed by the day and hour as we wrestled with some stark choices in a bid to make sure we could bring the issue out. Some said “Give up! Just wait until it is over.” But sometimes having a mission during a crisis, however inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, is a blessing.

We have a fantastic team who moved heaven and earth to help. Pages had to be redesigned, there was a mountain of work to achieve online, images had to be changed, letters sent, and so the list goes on. So, thank you to Bryan, Grant, Elaine, Heather, Ed, Katy, Colin, John, Mark, Nick and Mike. Apologies to anyone who I have forgotten!

Thank you in particular to our shops and our advertisers – for your understanding and your supportive emails! We can’t wait to be back to ‘normal’ on the other side of this and hope that you fare as well as possible through this challenging time.

Crucially, thank you to you, the readers, who pre-ordered your copy. Without you there would of course be no magazine and I hope that you enjoy this unique summer issue.

And most importantly, we wish everyone on Exmoor as speedy a recovery from these difficult times as possible.

Happy reading and here’s to better months ahead.


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