Exmoor Magazine Summer 2022It really isn’t about glamorous handbags and free moisturiser this editor lark, no matter what Ab Fab might have told us back in the day. “What are you doing next Thursday?” was the question I asked photographer Andrew Hobbs a little while back. “I’d like to try something which may or may not work and the forecast looks good.” We headed down the coast to Watermouth and two hours later were being watched by some bemused passers-by as I stood on a plank of wood holding a leaf blower aloft, whilst the harbourmaster, Rob Lake, balanced at the top of a ladder waving a Union Jack above his wife Laura’s finest Victoria sponge. So far, so Thursday; a standard day at work! What we needed of course was something suitably sunny and jubilee-ready for our special issue cover and thankfully the weather and the flag and the cake obliged… in the end.

I hope that this Summer Issue makes you feel sunny and warm and wrapped in nice memories for the forthcoming Platinum Jubilee, which forms a central part of the magazine this time. We have all of our usual content besides and sometimes just a touch of royal flavour scattered through – as in Final Paws where we meet corgi breeders on Exmoor.

Other profile pieces include Victoria Eveleigh’s stroll through farming memories with Richmond Harding; the amazing Una Harley, who was interviewed by Cindy Cowling; colourful North Devon artist Rachel Sumner who chatted with Mel Roach; and fishing guides John Dawson, Bryan Martin and Lewis Hendrie who spoke with Michelle Werrett.

We delve into Exmoor dialect and its connection with the landscape, head inland at the Heddon Valley for a circular walk, discover more about Coleridge’s ‘lighthouse top’ at Watchet and Flat Holm and visit Dunster to explore both the history of the Deer Park and some of the unusual plants at the beach. 

I hope that you enjoy all this and more on our pages. Happy reading!

Naomi and Hurley and the mag team

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