A request from the Quantock Hills AONB… Can you Help?

Can you help keep the Quantock Hills looking beautiful this spring by coming out with a bin bag and a pair of gloves and picking up any litter you might see on your Quantock walk?  Any help would be enormously appreciated, we would ask that you either take the litter home with you to dispose of (which would be great) or please do leave in a main Quantock Hills car parks and the Rangers will collect the bags for disposal.  Ideally either Lydeard Hill car park or Cothelstone Hill car park.  Any other car parks please let us know by leaving us a message (tel. 01823 451 884) or email us at quantockhills@somerset.gov.uk

If you would like to help litter picking, please stay safe.   Remember:

  • Stay away from roads
  • Only pick up litter you consider safe, for example not sharp items or needles
  • Don’t touch industrial waste
  • Wear gloves

There are more organised events taking place over the weekend so do check parish noticeboards for events.

Find out more about the Great British Spring Clean here: www.greatbritishspringclean.org.uk/home/2684

PHOTO: by Naomi Marley