The Archaeology of Hill Farming on Exmoor

The story of hill farming on Exmoor is told for the first time in a new book, The Archaeology of Hill Farming on Exmoor, through archaeological evidence newly revealed after two years of systematic survey work.

The book has been published by English Heritage and is derived from information gathered in the National Mapping Programme survey carried out by Exmoor National Park Authority and English Heritage.

It is full of air photographs, reconstructions, detailed maps and plans and charts the story of hill farming since the medieval period using archaeological evidence. It is divided into three sections: The Royal Forest, The Commons and the Farmland.

In his Foreword Sir Anthony Acland KG says: “The most exciting revelation was the sheer extent and dramatic influence that farming and reclamation have had on Exmoor’s landscape. The book, therefore, offers an archaeological insight into how people – farmers and landowners – have shaped Exmoor over the last centuries.”

Rob Wilson-North, Conservation Manager at Exmoor National Park who co-authored the book, says: “Hopefully the book will appeal both to those who know and love Exmoor and anyone with an interest in hill farming and how the uplands have been farmed through time.”

The book is available from National Park Centres at Dulverton, Dunster and Lynmouth and through the online shop at:

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