The following is a statement, from Philip Hull, put out by the Dulverton Weir and Leat Conservation Trust…

The auction of the Dulverton Laundry building will take place at Taunton Racecourse at 3pm on 11 December. The guide price is £250,000 approx.

DWLCT always felt that once the project to restore the upper part of Dulverton Urban Watermill Landscape (weir & mill leat) was completed, the safeguarding of the Dulverton Laundry building would be a logical extension to Trust activities, our strong partner and stakeholder network being the perfect vehicle for this to take place. It is unfortunate that the laundry building has become available somewhat earlier than we all expected.

The Trustees of DWLCT take the view that the Trust is not currently in a position to seek to acquire ownership (or give undertakings of acquiring ownership) of the laundry building at this point in time. All of our partnership agreements, funding applications and donor monies received are on the basis of the current clearly defined weir & leat project.

Over the past few weeks the Trust has been in discussion with partners and other interested parties to try to identify any solutions for the building which would not require a purchase at this stage, these efforts have however been unsuccessful.

We understand the current owner’s need to dispose of the building which is listed, empty and in a parlous state; and we await the outcome of the auction with interest.