The award-winning broadcaster and adventurer Ben Fogle has been into Williton recently getting a makeover for his classic Land Rover.

Ben (45) who has become famous for his love of the wilderness and inaccessible places, owns a Puma Defender 90 Land Rover – but recently wanted to upgrade various parts of his top-of-the-range four-wheel drive.

To get the job done he turned to Williton-based Exmoor Trim, who made various changes to all manner of gear including the hood (above) and even the steering wheel (bottom).

“Ben has always had a love for Land Rovers – he even wrote a book called Land Rover: The Story of the Car That Conquered the World,” said a spokesman for the specialist company.

“So, when the time came for Ben to make a change, he chose Exmoor Trim fitting technicians to do the work, saying it ‘felt like the right fit’.”

Exmoor Trim, which produces seats, hoods, canvas seat covers and hundreds of other accessories for Land Rovers, worked with Ben on making a bespoke ‘stayfast’ hood.

The high-tech cover was handmade by specialists in Exmoor Trim’s hood department.

Ben’s Land Rover was then sent across to Exmoor Trim’s fitting centre where the fitting technicians made numerous changes, including mounting a classic Evander Wood Rim steering wheel and new slimline boss kit.

The adventurer said he was delighted with the changes: “My thanks to Exmoor Trim for the beautiful new canopy on my Land Rover… She looks amazing!” he said.