Cara Jones

Devon Air Ambulance would once again like to take an opportunity to promote its ‘Supporter Promise’ at the same time as welcoming new Volunteer Manager, Cara Jones, to its team to support over 430 amazing volunteers.

After receiving questions on whether it pays its volunteers a cut of monies they collect, Fundraising Director Caroline Creer, said, “All of our amazing volunteers donate their time and efforts day in, day out.  They could be attending events, working in one of our 17 charity shops, collecting boxes or picking up a cheque at a presentation.”

She added, “We’ve been asked a lot recently if we pay commission to our volunteers – no, we do not! Every single penny raised goes straight into the pot to keep Devon’s two Air Ambulances flying up to 17 hours a day. That’s why our volunteers are so amazing and we couldn’t achieve what we do without them.”

If you would like to find out more about volunteering for Devon Air Ambulance why not get in touch? It’s not only a feel-good thing to do, it’s also a great way to meet new friends and learn new skills.  Contact Devon Air Ambulance on 01392 466666 or email:  Alternatively, if you would like to volunteer in one of their shops why not pop into your local one to find out more?

Supporter Promise:

Devon Air Ambulance’s Supporter Promise to you:

  • We don’t share or sell any of our supporters’ data
  • We treat our supporters as they wish to be treated
  • The only mail we send out is our Helipad magazine up to four times a year to keep our supporters up to date with our activities and local interest
  • We send monthly enewsletters – only to supporters who have asked to receive them
  • We don’t authorise anyone to go door to door on our behalf
  • The only representatives of the charity who may ask for your personal information are our lottery canvassers but only if you choose to join
  • We do not employ third party companies to ring our supporters asking for more or to cold call
  • We do not pay commission to anyone collecting our boxes or cheques on our behalf

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