Earlier this month 50 pupils from Dulverton Junior School took part in a Junior Hydraulic Motor Engineer Competition organised jointly by the school and Dulverton Weir & Leat Conservation Trust.

In the weeks before the event the pupils worked in groups to construct water wheels in the classroom as part of their Technology curriculum.

Carrying the wheels through the town, they placed them in the moving waters of the leat (mill stream) to find out whether their designs worked and whether further improvements had to be made on site.

Lady Dulverton presented certificates to the two winning teams who were:

Year 5 – Luke Hurtfurt, Zara Westcott, Martha Williams, James Cochrane, Jack Clark-Thomas, Lily Gibb-Green.

Year 6 – Alyssia Campell-Farmer, Olivia Hooper Smith, India Russell-Marsh, Mya Nurcombe, Lewis Hayes.

This is a short film which was made about the event: www.dulvertonweir.org.uk/arts-on-the-leat/2017-dulverton-schools-competition www.dulvertonweir.org.uk/arts-on-the-leat/2017-dulverton-schools-competition

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