Beer meets gin. Gin meets beer. Wicked Wolf is the second beer in Exmoor Ales’ Exile series of occasional beers that are a bit different from the brewery’s main brands. A straw-coloured, juniper berry-infusing beer, it is the result of a collaboration between the Wiveliscombe-based brewery and Wicked Wolf, producers of small-batch, handcrafted gin in the famous Exmoor village of Brendon.

Exmoor Ales’ Managing Director Jonathan Price explains: “Wicked Wolf is the second in our new sub-brand series, Exile, and follows on from Urban Fox, which was released earlier in the year. We selected Wicked Wolf because of their reputation for fine, award-winning gin… and, of course, because they are based on Exmoor. As for the idea for the beer this happened after their distiller and co-founder, Pat, visited the brewery and met our head brewer, Adrian. Pat provided some juniper berries for sampling and trial brews, as well as sharing his advice and experience. The result was this delicious beer. We’re all really pleased with it and I’m especially thrilled that Pat has an idea to make an Exmoor Gold inspired gin next year.

“The Exile brand was devised as a sub-brand for Exmoor Ales to represent our new, more modern breed of beers. The pump clip shape and graffiti imagery are quite different to our established traditional brands and we shall will be developing the brand with further new beers throughout next year.

“As for the story behind the name “Exile”, this originated from EXmoor. The first two letters are important and strong and the inspiration is loosely drawn from RD Blackmore’s Lorna Doone. Incidentally, the outlawed Doone family were exiled in the Doone Valley, not far from where Wicked Wolf make their gins.” 





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