Exmoor Magazine Environmental Policy

Exmoor Magazine produces a total of only three printed proofs before final print (112 pages x 3), to minimise paper waste, and each of these sets of proofs is recycled. Other than that, all proofing is done digitally. We work hard throughout our supply chain to minimise waste and excess wherever we can. All contributors – except for one lady who uses a typewriter – send in their content digitally rather than on paper.

All of the team are home based and most meetings are conducted by Skype. This means that we have a very low fuel usage indeed. There is almost zero paper wastage within our respective offices. We use low-energy lightbulbs.  

On transition from one issue to the next, our back copies are redistributed to charitable or community causes (for example North Devon Hospice and the National Park Big Adventure Days) rather than treated as rubbish. We do this as part of our planned delivery routes rather than as separate journeys. This means that the back issues become an educational tool rather than an environmental burden.

We have a commitment to constantly reviewing our business practices as a publisher and strive to be as environmentally responsible as possible.

As testified by our sales of magazines binders over the last 20 years, our readers tend to keep our magazine rather than throw it away. Indeed, many of them refer to it as ‘the book’ – a phrase which indicates that our product is seen by making as a permanent rather than a transitory item.

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