Ilfracombe Swimming Pool Update

The planned reopening of Ilfracombe Swimming Pool has unfortunately been delayed.

Following an extensive refurbishment programme at the site, the council began refilling the pool with water in October. However, although the main repairs were successful, a small amount of water (about 5mm depth) was lost from the pool when it was refilled. Although this may seem like a small amount of water, it is significant enough to investigate, to ensure that no long-term damage is caused to the structure of the building.

The council wants to get this issue addressed now, rather than reopening the pool and having to close it again to fix the problem at a later date.

None of the repairs will involve any major excavation work and the pool should be reopened by mid-December.

Executive Member for Leisure, Cllr Derrick Spear, says: “We are deeply disappointed and extremely frustrated that the pool is still not ready to use and can only sincerely apologise to customers for the delay. However, regrettably, with any refurbishment project this size and complex, problems often occur and we have to fully investigate the apparent cause of this water loss in order to rectify it. Once we are completely satisfied that the pool is functioning properly, we can then fully open the facility for everyone to enjoy.”

The most likely cause of the water loss is thought to be related to repairs that were carried out to the expansion joints, which run along the bottom of the pool. These joints have to be both flexible and water tight, so the specification for these repairs is not straight forward and there are no ‘off the shelf’ products available for this specific type of repair.

The joints are now being refilled again and checks are being made on the new pipework and pool drains for any further signs of water loss.

Further updates on the pool will be posted on the Ilfracombe Swimming Pool blog.

In the meantime, Parkwood Leisure, which operates the site on the council’s behalf, has opened the new gym. This facility has been created as part of the major refurbishment works, with the public now able to use new cardio and weights equipment.

For more information and details of gym membership, phone 01271 373361 or drop in to the Ilfracombe Pool and Fitness Centre.

You can also get in touch with them through Facebook.


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