A brand-new range of 10 ‘Tea Kites’ has been launched by Miles Tea & Coffee.

These new flavours will focus on green, herbal and fruit teas. Each product will provide a ‘Miles Moment’ in the day, from sleepy moments to wake-up moments! The tea and fruit segments in each teabag will be larger than usual; this will improve the taste and quality of the customer. The new pack design and new machinery will allow Miles to adapt the range with different blends including limited-edition products and seasonal blends. The range currently includes the following flavours:

    • Super Green, Matcha & Turmeric
    • Fennel, Orange & Hibiscus
    • Green Tea & Chamomile
    • Berry Berry
    • Rooibos, Boabab & Chai
    • Lavender, Limeflower & Rose
    • Ginger & Lemongrass
    • Liquorice, Peppermint & Spearmint
    • English Breakfast

John Halls, Operations Director, said: “This is an exciting new market for Miles, being a family business for generations it’s important as we adapt to current trends. This new premium range will provide us with a relevant offering for the ever-growing green tea, herbal and fruit tea market.”

PHOTO: A selection of the new range.

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