The Exmoor Society is pleased to announce the junior and senior winners of its annual Lucy Perry Literary Competition for Schools.  The prizes were presented at the South Molton Community Primary School in South Molton and at the West Buckland School, West Buckland.

At South Molton, head teacher Mr Parkin introduced the assembled children and the first prizewinner from the competition’s Junior Category, Jack Hosegood, with his parents present.  Jack read his winning poem ‘What I enjoy about Exmoor’ and was then given Palgrave’s ‘Golden Treasury of Verse’ and his certificate.  Former Exmoor Society trustee and competition judge, Elizabeth McLaughlin, presented the cheque for the school to Mr Parkin, who said: “It is to be spent on acquiring new books for the library as well as improving the library space.  There is much poetry in the curriculum and everyone is thrilled to have a winning poet at the school.”

The presentations in West Buckland School’s Michael Morpurgo Library were to two successful poets from the Senior category. The winner of the first prize was Isaac Spear with his poem entitled ‘Devon’ and the third prizewinner was Jazz Clarke with her poem ‘The Waymarker’.  Isaac received his prize of an autographed and inscribed book of poetry by children’s author Michael Morpurgo, and both young poets were presented with certificates. The Exmoor Society’s cheque was given to the school librarian.

The Exmoor Society emphasises the importance of having young people writing poetry and prose at a sponsored competition level, and acknowledges the importance of visiting the winning schools to make the presentations. One of the judges, Cathy Nicholls, said: “I commend the positive and receptive teachers and pupils on Exmoor and are confident that the competition will increasingly attract entries from many other schools.”

You can read the winning poems and find information on the Lucy Perry Competition 2020 on The Exmoor Society’s website

PHOTO: Jack Hosegood of South Molton School – winner of the Junior Category. He is pictured with Cathy Nicholls (left) and Elizabeth McLaughlin (right).

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